Cloud Managed Service

Our Managed services provision provides full stack support on a 24/7 basis for enterprises, brands, agencies, products, and VC backed scale-ups.

As part of our unified approach we blend seamlessly with our clients and partners delivery capability, ensuring delivery flows through to support without missing a beat.

Routine Maintenance

Working with your technology stacks and technology partners, we undertake routine maintenance, system upgrades, and patching of software libraries on an as-needed basis.

We use automations to scan for new patches or updates, and test upgrades thoroughly before rolling them out to production environments.

Support SLAs

Our 24/7 cloud and application support covers incidents and break-fixes.

What sets us apart is our ability to contribute to architectural improvements, proactively resolving technical debt, and our deep cloud expertise, which allows us to automate the prevention of and recovery from incidents.

System Monitoring & Alerts

We use the right blend of native Azure cloud service and industry leading SaaS tools for managed services, including monitoring systems, responding to incidents, collaborating to resolve incidents, and automating cloud deployments.

Our monitoring set up covers all critical aspects of service health and site reliability. A real time dashboard will be provided to show the reliability of your service. Alerts will be sent to your preferred communication tools i.e. Slack or Teams.

Security Monitoring

We can provide a robust, proactive monitoring and diagnostics framework, including active security vulnerability monitoring, which considers the dependent components involved in delivering data and cloud services.

Using industry leading software tools and service management platforms, our monitoring covers: infrastructure, application, and network; and we have the capability to detect, send alerts, respond, predict, and proactively prevent events.

Infrastructure Management

We manage the entirety of your cloud infrastructure needs, provisioning and maintaining critical workloads across compute, network, storage, virtual resources, and native serverless resources.

By using us to set up and manage all the processes related to infrastructure management, enables your product development teams can concentrate on software engineering.

System Improvements

Unlike many managed services providers, our emphasis is on improving your systems to reduce or navigate themes of support issues from happening. We can take on architectural changes, technical debt, and feature development to alleviate support pressure and enable product teams to work more strategically.