Data In Public Sector

Solving data problems across government

Government and public sector bodies have some of the richest datasets that exist, covering nearly every aspect of national life. The challenge is in finding, using and openly publishing that data effectively to support the delivery of high quality, joined up public services.

We worked with a central government department to overcome this challenge.

Creating a Modern Public Sector Offering With Data At Its Core

Key Issues

Government departments typically struggle to make sense of and fully utilise their own data assets, which makes sharing data effectively between departments even more difficult. The reason for this situation is often rooted in policy, culture, and leadership as well as due to technology issues. The lack of data puts a strain on internal staff, causing unnecessary administrative burdens, and also means digital services for citizens produce disjointed user experiences and elongated processes.

This particular department were faced with overcoming these challenges to deliver the government data strategy to unify the collection, usage, and interoperability of data across government departments.

We were engaged to design and build the data infrastructure and tools, and to support policy change and engage with key stakeholders to make data sharing viable.


Our team worked with the client, multiple government departments, and the supply chain, to better define the needs, standards, guidelines, and policies relating to data management in government, which included outlining requisite technology standards and data governance (processes covering access, security, and quality).

We designed and built data infrastructure and tools, such as platforms, services, SDK’s, data catalogues, metadata linting, API linting, and data quality checks. We provided programme leadership, influenced policy change, and delivered an end-to-end solution from discovery through to live using agile methods and high-quality engineering practices.


As a result of our work, government departments were able to find and consume data more easily with high-levels of quality and consistent governance to support the achievement of the Department’s goal of democratising data across government, transition to a data-native government, and ultimately providing more intelligence services for staff and citizens.

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