Cloud Foundations

Building and managing cloud infrastructure and its success is predicated on certain prerequisites in place. Cloud transformation efforts must be guided by strong leadership and investment, a clear strategy, and the right set of skills either in the organisation or its supply chain.

Our cloud foundations service help you to get on the right track, bringing strategic expertise and highly secure, scalable architecture blueprints and technology roadmaps that form the basis of your future success.


During an organisation’s cloud journey, there is often is a lot of technical debt to deal with – often created due to the need to take shortcuts, such as lift and shift, to get off burning platforms or a lack of the right skills in making it happen.

Using our extensive cloud experience, we will review your cloud or on-premise setup, and bring clarity to how you can achieve your cloud goals through technical roadmaps, architecture blueprints, and hands-on support and training.

Workload Discovery

One of the challenges posed by cloud costing models is the ability for your cloud footprint to quickly spiral out of control, which is exacerbated in hybrid cloud environments. We use automation and our innate knowledge of Azure services to discover your workloads, and through diagnostic reviews we will outline issues and formulate a migration plan that considers remediation activities.


Cyber crime and threats are on the rise and increasingly intelligent, outages and incidents can damage your bottom line and your reputation. We design and build secure cloud environments using zero trust architecture, secure-by-design principles that stand up against ISO, NSCS, and OWASP guidelines. As a further safeguard we build security solutions that heavily use automation, data, and intelligence.


There are a number of ways to design cloud architectures that can make or break your transformation efforts. We blend user centred design, broad and deep technical expertise, and commercial acumen to help you navigate technology choices and architecture designs that suit your unique organisational facets.

Cost Optimisation

As with cloud workloads, costs can easily spiral out of control with due diligence, governance, and optimal cloud cost management. We will evaluate your goals against your architecture and operations to identify areas where costs can be reduced and better managed through changes in process or automations.