Data in Healthcare

Solving complex data challenges in healthcare

Developed countries such as the UK are facing unprecedented demand for healthcare, driven by an ageing population, a growing burden of chronic disease, and the aftermath of a global pandemic. Financial and workforce pressures make it even harder to mount an effective response.

But there are many opportunities for healthcare providers and staff to work smarter, not harder, by tapping into the unusually rich sources of data available within the NHS.

Creating a Data-centric National Health Trust

Key Issues

One of the UK’s health trusts were concerned about their architecture surrounding their enterprise systems and core data reporting solution. They were experiencing consistent production errors, developers struggled to make changes, and they were unable to generate accurate and timely analytics from their data reporting solution.


We undertook a diagnostic review, which involved workshops with stakeholders, user research activities, code reviews, security testing, and baselining the current enterprise architecture. Once we understood the current situation, we set about designing a new architecture utilising the Microsoft Azure cloud and native data services such as Data Factory and PowerBI.

We also recommended rebuilding core systems of record using LowCode and serverless capabilities on Azure to replace legacy .Net applications that suffered from technical debt. We also recommended adopting high-quality engineering practices and utilising CI/CD pipelines with Azure DevOps. Our advice was supplemented by a technology roadmap and wrap-around support to tackle the fundamental changes involved in embracing a cloud native, data-centric architecture.


The technical recommendations, roadmap and solution designs we provided enabled a path forward for the Health Trust to take control of their technology estate, increased the pace of delivery, and enabled improved decision making across the organisation.

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