Our Values

We are Authentically Curious

We love to learn. We share our learning with others generously and we prize learning for the good that it can do for our clients, colleagues, partners and the data sector in general.

We learn so that we can contribute, not to show how clever we are.

We are Resilient Optimists

Our clients pay us precious money to solve their thorniest technology and data problems. Resilience and a belief that we can succeed for them are crucial because we know these problems are not solved quickly or easily.

We embrace the discomfort and personal growth that such challenges and hard work sometimes present.

We Engineer Excellence

High standards are central to our organisational DNA. We design, build and look after critical data products for important institutions and businesses. We balance pace and innovation with appropriate, high quality security and engineering standards reducing the chance that mistakes or sloppiness damage our clients or their customers.

We apply these standards to everything we do – from writing a report to organising a workshop to onboarding a new team member.

We behave with Compassion

Compassion is not about avoiding difficult conversations or situations – it’s about navigating such circumstances with positive intent and empathy. Caring enough to give constructive critical feedback to a team member, empathising with the difficult circumstances our clients sometimes find themselves in or intervening when witnessing discriminatory or bullying behaviour are examples of compassionate behaviour.

We want to be inclusive, fair, decent and authentic; we don’t exploit anyone just because we can; we value authentic practical change over virtue signalling.

We are Commercially Ambitious

We seek to grow and build a successful, scalable and profitable business. In doing so we can re-invest in ourselves, in our clients and in initiatives that benefit the wider community in which our business operates. Strong financial discipline and performance matters to us.

We seek to reward people generously when they actively contribute to our growth.