Cloud engineering

Our cloud engineering service acts as the spine of your data and digital transformation efforts.

We provide a solid basis for migrating or re-engineering legacy workloads, building new infrastructure, managing releases, securing your estate, and integrating multiple systems and data sources.

All through modern, de-coupled integration layers that use native cloud services.

Migrate On-Prem Systems

Your on-premise systems are holding you back, often requiring additional contracts, specialist skills, and presents a risk to the business. We will provide a code review and technical evaluation of your systems whilst exploring contractual and operational obligations and constraints to devise a migration or replacement plan that centres on the adoption and exploitation of lightweight, scalable cloud native technologies.

Infrastructure Build

Once solid cloud foundations have been established, we will build and manage your cloud infrastructure. A cloud landing zone will be established and we will adhere to high-quality engineering standards to deploy, configure, and manage requisite cloud services, using infrastructure-as-code, version control, orchestration, and pipelines.

By building on top of solid engineering standards and robust processes, our cloud infrastructure solutions are scalable, reliable, easier to maintain, and long-lived to extract maximum value from your cloud subscription.

Deployment Pipelines

Effective release management is needed to continuously integrate, test, and deliver changes to production environments. Cloud infrastructure itself, also needs careful management to enable rapid releases of value without compromising stability or security.

We provide cloud native deployment pipelines that manage changes to infrastructure and applications, and support the enablement of CI/CD through changes to workflow, up-skilling, and re-tooling.

Integration Services

Traditional solutions for integration relied heavily upon middleware or service buses that require significant infrastructure resource and proprietary licensing and skills, which is a big bottleneck in a lot of organisations. We have re-thought that paradigm and created de-coupled, cloud-native integration services that enable teams to adopt a self-service approach to data integrations.

Security Optimisation

Even when security has been considered from the outset and is built into architecture designs, on-going work needs to be done to continuously monitor and prevent cyber security threats. Our security optimisation service will see us run diagnostics, test security mechanisms, and simulate cyber attacks, which will provide us with the knowledge out outline a security strategy and make configuration changes to keep your security levels as high as possible.