Podcast: The challenges and opportunities of AI presented in the digital workplace

With years of experience in aiding governments, the UN and businesses trial emerging technologies, Julia Glidden shares her take on Artificial Intelligence in achieving digital transformation in the workplace in an episode of #shifthappens podcast by Avepoint

Listen to her insightful, candid and thought provoking views on:

  • Why we’ve got to get our data foundations sorted – “if that’s faulty everything else is like the Leaning tower of Pisa”
  • Why AI regulation is key “At this point in time we need to design regulation that’s fitting for the technology use.” 
  • Why it’s important to really interrogate data policies and understand why they may have more flexibility around the use of data than you think.
Image of Julia Glidden speaking on the Shifthappens podcast

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If you’re in the US in the Autumn, listen to Julia is chairing a panel on Data & AI at the Avepoint Shift Happens Conference, 10-11 October in Washington DC, USA

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