Data Foundations

Setting you up for success.

Define, navigate and develop your data journey.

Your journey to becoming a data native organisation is likely to fail without embracing data foundations. Regardless of where you are on your data journey, we will help you to gain investment, create a strategy, revise your operating model, gain traction, and devise a reference architecture – underpinned by the highest levels of technical excellence, compliance, ethics, and security.

Data First Strategy

Designed to help you become a data native organisation; making data part of the fabric of your organisation.

Your strategy ensures:

  • Your data model is aligned to your strategic goals
  • You select the right blend of technologies based on what you want to achieve
  • You extract immediate value from your data whilst iteratively working towards your future state.

Our strategic approach involves a combination of some or all of the following:

  • Complete a thorough review of your architecture and infrastructure
  • Analyse your data maturity and capability or ‘data readiness’
  • Identify and showcase high value business opportunities
  • Develop Data Skills – from one off training courses and material through to permanent data academies
  • Executive Data Coaching – Work with one of our senior data leaders.


Due to increasingly stringent regulations and ethical concerns surrounding data and AI, we firmly believe it is more important than ever to create governance that is focused on providing standards and controls to ensure that data solutions can be trusted and provide sustainable value. We’ll work with you to define and implement organisation-wide governance models to give you that much needed peace of mind.


With organisations increasing their digital footprint as efforts to digitise services take hold, operating environments are now saturated with data. Data discovery is needed to bridge the gap between organisational priorities and user needs by using automation to ensure holistic data assets are identified, utilised, and mapped to provide more intelligent staff and customer experiences.


The value of your data can only be truly realised once its democratised across your organisation with staff having the skills and knowledge to self-service their own data needs. You need more than just data engineers and data scientists working with data to become a data-driven organisation. We provide the platforms, tools, training, and support to enable your data journey and build a common understanding of your data assets.


It is impossible for you to innovate without knowing where your data is, how sensitive it is, and how to manage it securely in accordance with regulatory requirements. Our data security expertise extends beyond compliance by proactively identifying and preventing risks to ensure compliance, providing visibility of your data assets across your estate, and protecting your sensitive data across the cloud, applications, and devices as part of a unified solution.


The recent hype around AI and large language models suggests that ethics is a brand new challenge in technology, but this is very far from the truth. Ethical risk has always affected organisations that collect and use data at scale. Data-driven decisions that are flawed or biased have very real impacts on people and society, and the risks are growing in line with data complexity.

We help you to better understand the key risk areas, exploring the underlying mechanisms, and provide assistance through ethics frameworks, stress testing proposed approaches and building ethical considerations into governance.


Most modern data architectures are either made up of a plethora of best-in-class tools that work together, native offerings from the Hyperscale Cloud providers, modern data platforms, or a blended approach. The wrong combination of technologies can negatively impact on your organisations’ ability to design, build, and scale high-quality data solutions, leaving you unable to deliver strategic goals.

We’ll help you to baseline your current architecture and navigate the different technology choices to define a flexible and scalable architecture that adheres to high-quality engineering practices and open standards. Allowing you to forge ahead and deliver on your goals.