Data Analytics

Data analytics and visualisations provide game changing business insights.

Creating an environment which drives informed decision making is a priority for many organisations.

We’ll bring your data to life through visual dashboards and our expertise in user centred design, improving organisational-wide data literacy and enabling your people to know where to invest money and time to drive growth.

Benefit from our deep knowledge and expertise across the latest cloud platforms, analytics tools, digital assistants and conversational interfaces, so that you can ask the right questions.


Data-first organisations understand that data needs to be democratised across the organisation, so it’s not under the control of the IT department or the data team. This requires strong collaboration to manage and improve your data assets. We provide platforms and collaboration tools that enable data to be shared and managed by business area, team or role, which puts the power of data into the hands of the people who understand it most, the business.


Data analysis tools are a means to an end, you want to know what your data is saying, and to understand your past, current, and future data. We translate your data, make sense of it, and present it clearly in a way that resonates with executives and decision makers. We call this actionable insights. Crucially, we setup automations and alerts, using real-time data to ensure you’re always up-to-date as business performance changes.


It is easy to get lost in your data, miss critical information in executive reports, fail to satisfy user needs when presenting information, and neglect vitally important accessibility requirements. Through our extensive expertise in user centred design and data visualisation tools, we will design and build dashboards that highlight key information in near/real-time, creating mission control centres that show critical information simply, at a glance.


The challenge a lot of organisations face is moving beyond reporting and dashboard proof-of-concepts that fail to consider organisation-wide data assets. We utilise advanced data modelling and analysis techniques to architect and model your data needs across the functional boundaries and organisational siloes of your organisation, which provides a solid foundation for building out data analysis solutions.

Business Intelligence

Competently managing your data assets and analysing them is important, yet true business outcomes are determined by the ability of your data to generate insights that improve your bottom line performance and enable more effective strategic direction and operational excellence. We build data solutions that ask the right questions, highlight your performance, and help you to predict future threats and opportunities.