Lessons learnt from government digital transformation
White Paper & PODCAST

Pivotl’s CEO James Herbert was invited by the Defence Data Research Centre (DDRC) to provide invaluable insights into how the UK Government can achieve its Defence AI Strategy

Focusing on the use and experiences of Data and Cloud technologies across Government, James explores the likely barriers to meaningful exploitation of AI and data science within the Ministry of Defence (MoD) based on the Digital Transformation experience of the wider public sector.

The paper identifies five elements of digital transformation from which significant lessons can be learned:

  • Procurement
  • Technology
  • Skills
  • Appropriate Leadership 
  • Culture

Lessons Learnt from Government Digital Transformation offers an overview of the experience of the wider (non-defence) public sector in delivering digital transformation programmes, pinpointing where Defence could learn valuable lessons.

The crucial question must be asked: at a tactical level, what is it that UK Defence will do differently from other government digital transformation efforts to ensure success in Data Science and AI?

James Herbert in conversation with Alan Brown

James Herbert, CEO of Pivotl and Alan Brown, Professor of Digital Economy at Exeter University on behalf of the DDRC, discuss Lessons Learnt from Government Digital Transformation in more detail and what it means for both the MOD and the wider Public Sector.

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