white paper – cloud computing in government

In Spring 2023 our President, Sacha Rook was commissioned by the Defence Data Research Centre to provide advice and guidance on how to become a global data leader.

Issues with technology and operating models are often thematic, enabling learnings and recommendations to be taken out of sector specific contexts and applied elsewhere. 

By exploring the state of the industry and the state of the art, where relevant to Defence, the paper outlines concrete actions that the MOD should consider to realise and deliver its strategic goal to become a global data leader.

Pivotl believes there are learns for many organisations – regardless of sector – who can learn from our insights. As many enterprises have and continue to struggle with the same issues.

The paper covers:

State of the practice

  • Environment Access
  • Development Friction
  • Lack of Consistent Technology Standards
  • A Glut of Technologies and Tools
  • Silos Between Data, Cloud and Software Teams
  • Data is Not Considered From the Outset
  • Lack of data leadership and investment
  • Product Centric Models Versus Centralised IT Control
  • A Lack of Clarity Around Data Ownership and Accountability
  • APIs are not Findable. Reusable or Consistent in Quality
  • Cloud Cost Management

State of the art

  • Foundations – Enabling a Strategy to Succeed
  • Choosing the Right Tools for the Job
  • Handling the Change Management Process
  • Adopting Modern Data Engineering Practices
  • Enabling a Diverse Supply Chain
  • Consistent Engineering Across Data, Cloud and Software
  • High Quality, Findable APIs for Sharing Data
  • Developing a Data Enabling Culture
  • Cloud Native Platforms and Low Code

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